I am an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, and a member of the Genomics, Evolution, and Bioinformatics Faculty in the School of Life Sciences and the Human and Comparative Genomics Laboratory in the Biodesign Institute. I run a dry lab focused on computational evolutionary genetics.

My research is at the interface of genetics, statistics, and software development. I am primarily interested in developing statistical models to estimate evolutionary process from large, genomic datasets. Currently most of my research is connected to mutations.

Lab Office: BDB 220C
Teaching Office: LSE 411

Feb 2017: Two Postdoctoral Research Associate positions are available in my lab. Successful candidates will participate in three federally funded research programs: (1) analysis of mutation accumulation lines from the ciliate, Tetrahymena thermophila, (2) development of DeNovoGear, a general toolkit for the study of mutation rates from next-gen sequencing of related individuals and cells, and (3) development of phylogenomic methods to reconstruct phylogenies from whole-genome sequencing.

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